Monday, 29 June 2015

Tanya Heath's - Ne changez plus de chaussures, changez de talons

I don't know about you guys but I am in love with this idea! Imagine having a pair of luxury designer shoes with interchangeable heels. Finally, a woman's dream is fulfilled! Nobody has to suffer anymore with having to change heels,midday, just because your feet are getting sore and you still look amazing! Now all you have to do is basically unclip your heels and turn them into a fabulous pair of flats! These shoes are super essential for travel, weddings, parties or even going from work to having dinner at a restaurant. There are so many heels to choose from and we can thank the Canadian-born and creative mastermind behind it!
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Tanya Heath's Boutiques are situated in cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Porto, Madrid, Valence, Munich, Waterloo, Toronto, Sydney and Amsterdam and a couple other cities in France at the moment but can also be bought through their e-shop. Click here to jump into the shopping cart or click here to find the boutique closest to you. I adore the fact that Tanya Heath incorporates a practical design and empowers three main aspects into her designs: Power, Liberty and Seduction. Each of these facets have their own collection in which these ideas are brought forward.

The Liberty Collection empowers the freedom of women where you can feel comfortable in your own shoes and still look absolutely chic! This collection is great for those who love to travel and go about in elegant ease.
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For the daring femmes who want to add a little more flare to a heel, minus the pain, check out the Seduction Collection. This collection incorporates more colors and can be worn at events like parties or weddings.
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Our last, but not least, collection is the one of Power. This classic collection takes you from the office and beyond. You'll be turning heads everywhere you go!

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It doesn't just stop there! You don't have to feel constricted to one heel, you can customize and make it your own by getting separate heels from Tanya's range!
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I should start saving up to get my hands on one of these babies..

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Adoring the Winter Sun

It's a Sunday morning here in South Africa and even though its so cold,I could freeze my feet off, there's still a ray of sunshine outside! So here I am gathering up my stuff and off I go to bask in the winter sun. 

Keep an eye out for this practical,yet  precious, little handbag from Nine West! The colours, incorporated into the bag,  allows you to wear whatever you want without worrying whether it goes with your bag. Pair it with some chic boots or a cropped leather jacket for a warm finish look.Trop mignon!

Stop on the way to get this month's ELLE SA Winter Edition Magazine too. Can't miss out.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

South Africa Fashion Week 2015 - A Look into Marvel Inspired Collections and Blogging Insight

Amos Tranque and I at SAFW 2015

I literally couldn't believe that I was there, till I was actually backstage job-shadowing designer Amos Tranque for the day at South Africa Fashion Week on the 21st March 2015. The feeling of having the silver designer band around my wrist and running around meeting designers and people was just so exciting!

After a bit of chaos here and there, Amos and I had a moment to catch some lunch at the cafĂ©. This man is honestly the most humble and wisest human I’ve encountered in a long time. In that hour, I showered him with questions and asked for so much advice. I’m surprised that he could keep up with me! I will definitely tell you one thing though…His advice will never leave the desk of my mind.

Left, Amos Tranque. Right, Me

One thing he said to me  was: Be unique.  There are so many  teenagers that blog about sweet nothings and have an opinion on everything. Granted, I can be one of them sometimes .But what can you, as a creative individual, bring to the table? What makes your opinion so different or better than others? It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece opinion or music to my ears. It just needs to be something worth reading about.
Another point he made was , that you have to have a good background, experience and/or knowledge, on a specific topic. It’s cool if you want to post about these super cute jeans you found at Guess, but why is it so great? What makes it so fabulous to post about? More importantly why should we listen to you? I understand that sometimes we just want to say something short and sweet, but eventually you have to contribute something useful. That is  the ugly truth. What’s great is, that the background can be anything from just working in the biz, reading a book about the topic, speaking to people or even, if you want to get serious about it, a tertiary qualification of some sort.
Obviously many of us don’t have that background or knowledge yet because  we are just starting out- but if you can bring something refreshing and unique to the table then why not give it your all?

Backstage at SAFW - Amos Tranque

Before the show started, Amos and I , for the last time, made last-minute touches  backstage to his wardrobe  and then off I went to watch the show! The fashion show that I watched was Marvel Inspired Collections, where six talented designers showcased their new collection with the self-explanatory theme. Here are some of my favorite pieces :

Amos Tranque pieces: I really loved the unique simplicity of his designs. He used minimalistic shapes and designs with the use of mostly one or two colors in each piece, but still captures the audience’s attention and the characters of Marvel.  These pieces have the incorporation of the mask of the Iron Man

Amos Tranque piece:  I adore the fact that the designer doesn't use a whole aspect or key piece of a character, but rather just a small detail. The designer incorporated only a piece of Captain America’s shield, in a greyscale, on the sleeve of the shirt. Again, he used only minimalistic aspects of the hero to send the same idea of the theme. If I was a dude, I would wear this shirt without even thinking twice. Thumbs up for this piece!

Rumbie by Rumbie piece: Love it. If I could buy this dress, I would wear it with pride. The different shades of blue and the use of the stars really capture a more feminine outlook on the hero, Captain America. The dress is also simple and has a really clean-cut feel to the shoulder area. I feel it suggested the idea of an epaulette design of an army jacket, which brings us back to the hero’s history in the military.

Kamanga Wear piece: I can’t get over this canvas dress.  Although the character scheme is pretty obvious (and you can probably sense that I am in love with Captain A), I still adore the cut of the dress and the painting of his shield. This dress in all forms of simplicity is just stunning.

Roman Handt piece:  You should have seen everyone’s faces when this designer’s pieces were showcased. This one has to be my favourite. All I could say was that this piece had a lot of reds and golds which felt like a strong push towards Iron Man’s suit. It was just more in a playful way.

I left that event with a big smile! 

What advice do you have for young bloggers? Leave a comment below!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Must-Have: High Waisted Jeans

I'm beginning to wonder.....How long will high-waisted jeans last in trend? One could keep on wearing them even when the trends move onto something else,no?  High-waisted jeans are truly an "it" item to have and to keep, not to mention the fact that they look great on most body shapes! If high waists were in fashion in the 80's and now in 2014, it will definitely come back in a few years again.. So whether it's shorts or just plain "mom jeans", high-waisted jeans are truly a must-have.

Picture taken from FashionInflux (source)

How to create the Kylie Jenner Lip look

Picture taken from Kylie Jenner's Instgram page @kyliejenner

For those who follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, her lips are incredibly full and she can surely master the art of the pout! How does she get her lips to look so luscious and perfect? Botox? Oh no.
After much research, I came to a conclusion that Botox is not the answer after all! Make up and illusion is key.

What you'll need:
  • Lip Balm
  • Lip liner (colour of your choice)
  • Matte Lipstick/ Lip colour (optional, preferable closest to the colour of your lip liner)
  • Tissue (optional)
  • Powder

1. Lip Balm. Its extremely important to keep your lips moisturized. Apply your lip balm before adding on your make up.

2..Begin outlining your natural outer lip line with your lip liner. The trick of overdrawing the outer lip line is to create an illusion of having fuller lips! Don't go too crazy on the overdraw or  it will look messy instead of classy. Using the same lip liner, fill in the entire lip.

3.To create the matte effect: split the tissue into two thin sheets. Gently press one of the thin sheets onto your lips. Apply the powder on top of the tissue, to create a light layer of powder over your lip. The colour looks richer and lasts longer, because of the layers you create with your powder and your lipsticks, if you repeat steps 2 and 3!

4. Apply your lipstick over your lips and use a lip brush to blend the colours together.


P.S. If you want a more natural look without lip colour, take your toothbrush and gently press the bristles onto the area, where you want the fuller look, of your lips.  Your lips are super sensitive and the bristles of the toothbrush temporarily create a "swelling" effect on the area.

Picture taken from Kylie Jenner's Instgram page @kyliejenner

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Canvas Tote Bags are Bae

Tote bags are my weakness. Whether its designer or just an ordinary tote, they are a classic! Tote bags are so practical in carrying all of your goodies out to the beach or even out with the girls. I better hide my purse away before I burn a hole in my bank account every time I catch my eye on one of those beauties...